Your Buenos Aires Concierge

The travel itch is getting to you, the urge to book the flight and pack the bags is undeniable. Hmm, but where to?  Buenos Aires crosses the mind as you remember all the interesting things you’ve heard about it, the mouth-watering meat and delicious, complementary vino.

Yeah, Argentina.. that place Evita, or was it Madonna? That place she was singing about. The urge hits a new level, it’s time to put the travel shoes on. But then what? Shoes are tied, bags are packed what will you do in your time to get the most of Argentine culture?

Fret no more people, enters yours truly, Buenos Aires Cultrual Concierge.  Madi Lang is your perfect contact to make sure you get the best cultural Argentine experience at a ‘not-so-gringo’ price. Many times, tourists who come here are taken advantage in taxis and other places because their lack of Castellano equals $ to the Porteños. Bad? Not necessarily, just part of traveling. So protect your wallet, take a deep breath and let your Buenos Aires concierge reveal the finer sides of this culture. She is known as the walking encyclopedia by Sandra Bao, Author of Lonely Planet Buenos Aires. If we ever wish to become the biking encyclopedias of BA, we know that Madi is our guide.

Biking Buenos Aires has had the pleasure of spending time with the concierge herself, and the encyclopedia just continues to unfold more pages of can’t miss sporting events, yummy cuisine, affordable tango shows, trips outside of Porteño-land and much more. We are proud to recommend BA Cultural Concierge to anyone looking to get the most fulfilling experience in Buenos Aires.

It’s people like Madi who remind us what a great city we live in. The two-wheel tours with Biking BA only continue to improve with the help our great affiliates and we send a big thanks to all of them, especially our latest… BA Cultrual Concierge!


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