Critical Mass Buenos Aires

The first Sunday of every month in Buenos Aires, you may wonder what the traffic jams are about. Where did all these people on bicycles come from and what is their purpose?  You’re not alone, many others are wondering the same. The mob of people on their bikes is called Critical Mass, or Masa Critica en Buenos Aires.  It was designed in 1992 by George Bliss in San Francisco in an attempt to force automobiles to respect bicyclers on the city streets. Since then, it has expanded into 300 cities all over the world. The frequency and scale of Critical Mass in each city varies.  In some cities it runs once a month, in the case of Buenos Aires, whereas other cities such as Budapest, Hungary do it only twice a year. The Critical Mass in Budapest is one of the larger of the world bringing hundreds of thousands every time. It has been viewed by some as a protest of sorts.  Protest or not, being in 300 cities it is a movement indeed.  A movement Biking BA is proud to endorse and participate in.

If you’ve noticed on the homepage of our website, there is a great video produced by skateboarder Juan Poclava recording great footage of the Masa Critica de Buenos Aires.  This video will allow you get a better feel for the spread of urban bike culture all over the world. We are just one tiny piece of this grand puzzle to get people on bicycles and away from unnecessarily driving an automobile. It’s for the love of biking and, on a greater scale, the love of our planet. If you’re in Buenos Aires and interested in participating in the next Critical Mass it takes place next Sunday, December 5th. For more information, check out the official Masa Critica BsAs site.

For those who are not in Buenos Aires but would still like to participate in Critical Mass, check for one near you by clicking here.

We look forward to the next mob through the streets of BsAs.

Until then, enjoy your weekend and keep pedaling!


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