‘Tis a Passion

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.  We’ve all heard this saying but how many of us actually live this way?  Here at Biking Buenos Aires, we are realizing that we must be following a passion because we never get tired of ‘working.’  Granted there is much work to be done for Biking Buenos Aires to be considered a ‘success.’  Yet, everything we do is with a smile and eagerness to explore more. To explore the urban biking industry, to explore the streets and history of Buenos Aires, to explore business models, to explore new ways of getting people on bicycles and out of automobiles, to explore a passion!

Parque 3 de Febrero

Bicycles taking a break with us in the forests of Buenos Aires

Last Sunday, we had a ‘day off’ from tours and we found ourselves riding through the bosques of Palermo with a group of 8 friends. As we took a break to enjoy the parks and sip some yerba mate, we realized even on our days off here we are pedaling the hours away.  For once in our lives, we feel like we’re successful. Being successful is very subjective, and we’re by no means financially successful… yet! However, we are indeed doing what we love on a daily basis and slowly fulfilling our mission of spreading bicycle culture in the urban jungle of Buenos Aires.

Plaza Alemania Buenos Aires

A ride with amigos

We’ve also made it a point to ride our bicycles wherever we go in the city. Only when absolutely necessary will we take public tranportation. The advantages of always going by bicycle are saving money, getting exercise, exploring other streets of Buenos Aires and most importantly spreading the bike passion in each pedal. At times, we feel that we should take a break from ‘work.’ Ten minutes later, we’re back brainstorming ideas and researching new bikes or new interesting facts in the biking world or about Buenos Aires. This is a true sign that we’re not really working, rather doing what we love.  Someday, we hope you can take a ride with us in this beautiful theater that is Buenos Aires, the next best alternative is to spread the passion and see you biking wherever you may be. One more biker is one car less on the road and our environment certainly appreciates the effort as well.


taken at Bogota Bike Tours

'One car less' from Bogota to Buenos Aires to the rest of the world!

Un carro menos starts with one bicycle.  ‘Tis what we strive for, ’tis what makes us ‘work’ everyday, ’tis a passion!


One response to “‘Tis a Passion

  1. Great article! ‎’Tis is very inspirational!! From one side to realize that our loved Gaia needs us but also to look into our hearts and find our real passions!! Thank you guys!! Keep hustling.. You are doing a GREAT ‘WORK’ Congratulations!!

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