Tours de Primavera

Biking Buenos Aires is excited to be back and gearing up for a hot summer of tours.  We’ve added three new bikes to the fleet and are in the process of looking for a location closer to the south of the city. 

The last several weeks, Biking BA has been graced by the presence of an adventurous couple from New Zealand, a hip couple from Chicago, a University recruiter from Boston, a travel agent from Australia among many others from around the globe.  On every tour, we are reminded by all of you that we have the best jobs in the world, we love what we’re doing and are very passionate about making your time in Buenos Aires memorable.

A ride through Plaza Alemania on the North Tour

We’ve developed a new route for our North Tour that goes better with the flow of traffic, thus your tour is constantly improving. Biking Buenos Aires is a big believer in the kaizen management strategy. Kaizen simply means continuous improvement in all facets of an organization. Biking BA is always looking for ways to make the best biking experience possible.  Many more things to come in our tours that will make for one memorable ride.

Stay tuned for more…


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