Discovering Bogota, Colombia with Mike & Ticor

Have you ever been to Bogota, Colombia?

If not, put it on your bucket list right now.

Colombia is a country everyone should consider visiting. Bogota, the nation’s capital, sits at 8,500 feet above sea level and is becoming proactive in the urban biking culture.  Ciclovia, which takes place Sundays and holidays between 7am-2pm, is just one example of Bogota’s continued efforts to go bike rather than auto.  During Ciclovia, some of the main avenues are closed off in Bogota to automobile traffic to encourage people to take advantage of biking the city.

We had the opportunity of meeting the head of bike tours here in Bogota, Mike.  Bogota Bike Tours has been in operation for a year and a half now and is continuing to grow.  Mike is a very nice and hospitable guy and is running a great operation. We happily recommend Bogota Bike Tours when you go to Bogota.    As we say with any city, exploring it on bicycle offers a new dimension that one can not experience on foot or in automobile.  Check out Bogota Bike Tours at the link above for further information!

The Colombian people have been very welcoming and friendly to us and we are dearly grateful. We’ve had the pleasure of staying with BJ’s girlfriends’ (Dora) parents. Her father, Hector aka Ticor, is also an avid biker and has five bicycles in his home. Ticor has shown us the local ciclo-rutas (bike routes) and has also been a mentor to us. At the age of 73, he consistently leaves us behind whether on bicycle or running up Monserrate Mountain every Sunday morning. He has the endurance of a 23 year old training for a marathon and has schooled us immensely on biking in Bogota, human physiology and health, every president of the United States and philosophy.  Yes, he truly is a maestro. The Biking Buenos Aires crew would love to have Ticor in Buenos Aires so we could do Tours with Ticor!  Our gratitude for all of the hospitality we’ve been shown here in Bogota blows Thanksgiving Day gratitude out of the water. We are ready to show the same hospitality, knowledge and fun in our tours upon our return to Buenos Aires. Be excited, this is going to be one heck of a summer season for Biking Buenos Aires!

So remember, when you’re in Bogota, take your bike tour with Mike at Bogota Bike Tours.  If you’re lucky enough, you may even encounter Ticor. He’ll be running past you at a steady pace up Monserrate on Sunday mornings or pedaling by you like the wind. Don’t get discouraged though, just keep pedaling…

See you in Buenos Aires!


2 responses to “Discovering Bogota, Colombia with Mike & Ticor

  1. maravilloso!!!
    soy juliana, la de la fundación de animales jajajaja.
    este blog me gusta!! 😀

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