Robin (Colo)

Colo Ridin

The clock had just struck midnight in the Danish city of Copenhagen. My brother and I had just spent the equivalent of $1.50 USD to rent some bikes and get accustomed to our new environment, why not? Everyone was doing it, even at midnight. No exaggerations included here, bikes outnumbered cars 3:1.  In all of my years growing up in the United States, I was conditioned to see biking as just one hobby of many in a world dominated by automobiles as the primary mode of transportation. A childhood in Colorado showed me that you either hop on the bike for mountain biking, bmx riding or road ‘cycling’ for long distances, a hobby, in other words. This belief remained until I crossed the pond and pedaled my way through cities such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna. I couldn’t believe how biking, urban style, is just a way of life.  Its the primary mode of transportation. For my brother and I, it was our way to discover these cities.  Consider me hooked to this new way of life.

The liberating feeling of pedaling through an unknown environment sparked my passion to discover other cities from the bicycle seat.  If you wish to truly experience the heartbeat of any city, there’s no better way to start than exploring it from a bicycle. Do yourself this one favor, get on the bicycle and just go. If you feel better going with a group, even better.  Biking allows you to smell, see, hear, taste and feel the novelty of your new domain more effectively.  Buenos Aires is arguably the most European city in South America and is continually becoming more biker-friendly.  With more opportunity now than in years past to explore the wonders of this city, I’m here to see you find the same liberation and passion in your explorations….. pedal.. explore.. live!


One response to “Robin (Colo)

  1. How do I know that these testimonials are true. Do you have a bicycle for two so someone young can be up front and the old man in the back? What does this venture cost? Are the guides high when giving the tours?? I am not sure about Reed and Robin. Please advise before I fly down for a tour of the city. Uncle Donn

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