There is no such thing as an ordinary moment. This is true especially while riding on two wheels. I grew up pedaling moments from one memory to the next. The only thing that makes a bike ride better is sharing it with someone else. This reality is what inspired the creation of BikingBuenosAires.com

Born in San Jose, California, I grew up outside. My childhood ran its course through a blur of sports, treeforts, playgrounds, go-carts, farm animals and a riding lawn-mower which led to my first unofficial job of mowing neighborhood lawns. I took the training wheels off of my Huffy at the age of 3, and for the next 22 years, a bicycle has become my personally favorite ride of choice. To and from class, Ottomon Elementary through San Diego State University, being on time was never an issue. I feed off of the energy and freedom a bike allows me.

Arriving in Buenos Aires on September 11, 2008, I immediately noticed the perfect landscape for riding – flat, open, easy access, and plenty of parks to enjoy. It wasn’t until I met an incredible individual locally known as Loco Barry, that I finally got to share this fascinating city with someone who had lived here for 12 years and biking as his only means of transportation. Bazza showed me a new path through the city daily. Through him, I have become very knowledgeable of the routes, rules, and feel for the street culture here in Buenos Aires.

Even though my street mentor is now living in California, I still ride my bmx everyday, sometimes getting myself lost on purpose to find a new way. In the end, sharing this city with eager visitors and locals is my absolute purpose for making a living. You are the reason why we exist.


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