Whole New World of Biking Buenos Aires

The sounds of traffic surround you from all angles and come in all shapes and sizes. Colectivos, or city buses, whizz  by you leaving you in its trail of exhaust. While you recover from the scare of the passing bus, a taxi passes you just as close and leaves you wondering whether biking in this urban jungle is really worth it.

Worry no more amigos!

Many have hesitations when first hearing about bicycling in the city of Buenos Aires. Undoubtedly, there are much safer cities to bike on this planet.  On the contrary, Buenos Aires largely resembles a European city and attracts tourists and travellers from all over the world for its uniquity.  Urban bicycling is concept yet to be popularized in South America as it is, and has been for years, across the pond in Europe. 

Fortunately for the urban cyclists in Buenos Aires searching for the same dynamic, safety and accessibility on a bike as they would have in Amsterdam or Copenhagen, the Argentinian government is responding.  By the end of March 2010, a new bike path will reveal itself in Buenos Aires. You will now be able to pedal all the way from Plaza Italia to Caminito in La Boca without the fear of being a colectivo’s next hedgehog.  Check out this map below to see the future of biking Buenos Aires.

Etapa 1: To be done by end of March 2010

Etapa 2: Due to be finished in the near future

 Breathe easily folks, the world of biking through Buenos Aires is about to explode and truly resemble the popularity it carries in Europe.  There is no better way to adapt to this new trend than hopping on that bike and touring the city with Biking Buenos Aires. 

Click here to start your tour and begin discovering the beauty of cycling the urban jungle of Buenos Aires on your own path!


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