Meet our Newest Affiliates!

We are proud to introduce Biking Buenos Aires’ affiliates.  It is organizations like these that inspire us to give back to society and follow our dreams.


Worldbike was started nearly a decade ago and strives to improve the livelihood in rural and developing areas by providing more practical modes of transportation via bicycle.  Based out of Oakland, California they have transformed many developing countries in 4 different continents with their innovative bicycle designs and programs. Find out more about all of the wonderful ways is changing the world for the better one bike at a time.


Vamospanish, our most recent affiliate, is the ideal outfit for learning Spanish and culture simultaneously in Buenos Aires. As you may or may not know, the Spanish of Argentina se llama Castellano (Ca- stay-shano).  Even if you feel that you’re well-versed in Espanol from your homeland classes, Castellano might test your understanding at first. Thus, Vamospanish provides both group and private classes. They also offer fun activities including tango lessons, futbol games, shopping excursions, volunteer opportunities and workshops to fully immerse you into the culture. Vamospanish is truly the ideal program to learn Spanish from because they understand that not everyone learns a language the same way, which is why they tailor their classes to each individual learning style. To learn more about this fantastic and fun organization, please visit their website.


FC BAFA (Buenos Aires Futbol Amigos) which is another organization that we are proud to be a a part of.  BAFA was started nearly 2 years ago with a simple goal in mind, bringing people together to partake in one of the world’s most beautiful sports, futbol!  What started with a group of 5 or 6 regulars has turned into a league of at least 100 participants from all over the globe. FC BAFA is proud to be United in Diversity as its crest reads and offers nothing but buenas vibras for anyone who wants to join. Click here for more information.

Biking Buenos Aires is truly fortunate to be affiliated with these great organizations. They inspire us to do as they do in giving back positively to the community.  Thank you affiliates!

Changing the world one pedal at a time…


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