It’s more than just pedaling.

“We want to ride our bicylces, we want to ride our bikes!” Perhaps we should begin by describing our passion for riding our two-wheeled modes of transport.  Besides the feeling of pure liberation while the wind blows through your face as you discover new or old parts at a different pace, consider the following four theories to better understand the passion behind the bicylce.

1. BALANCE – “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” -Albert Einstein

To become great at anything requires infinite balance. I dare you to try getting out of bed without it. Bicycles happen to share our physically mirrored structure for a reason. An emergence between man and machine allow the aim to move forward. Along the way, gravity pulls at your every move, velocity matches perfectly the timing of the traffic around you with the purpose of staying alive, every particle of the bodies natural equilibrium masterminds it’s position to keep you vertical, on or off the bike. Even the successful business man can fail his family. No matter what pulls your purpose, practice at maintaining a steady balance.

A good cyclist can get from A to B without ever putting a foot on the ground. A great cyclist can stay in one place without stepping off the pedals.


Directing the handle bars as you begin to pedal, you think wait, where am I going again? Which way is the easiest and safest? If I go the wrong way how do I get back on track?  Creating an overall plan of attack takes serious 360* navigation. Mastering your direction in life keeps your mind clear while you ride which helps you appreciate where you are RIGHT NOW in and amongst your surroundings. Inherent mental notations and objective referencing along the way should point you to wherever you want to be, on or off the bike.


Erase numbers, clocks, schedules, weeks, even years. Those correspond to calculated, chronological time but have little to do with our inheritance of timing. Born with a biological clock, you and I actually control our purpose of self placement.  Waking up without an alarm clock is the easiest example.  People who do so live closest to the natural flow of life. Pedaling your life, witness how your timed actions and reactions  flow together while subconsciously matching them to the bikes ability, it’s mechanics, counteracting forces, velocity, body positioning, traffic flow and your awareness.


Now is when. No matter the situation, your focused attention deserves full awareness of what is taking place now. If what just happened fills your mind, you will crash now. The same goes for the future worshiper. Moreover, your mind cannot comprehend this concept for it is the culprit of distraction. True awareness cannot be by thinking about it. Allow yourself to surrender your attention in the environment surrounding you so life doesn’t pass you by. Feel its energy and purpose of existence. Riding a bike forces you to stay on full alert for any distraction could separate you from healthy and alive to regretful and injured.

Pedaling your life towards any goal asks for adequate balance, direction, timing and awareness. These ideas are indefinitely dependent of each other.  Still not convinced? Come see for yourself how biking is more than just pedaling

Pedal your life…


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